The History of abc for dance
The foundation for abc for dance was laid in 1989, when Anneliese Burns Wilson created the training materials and examination criteria for the Pan American Teachers of Dance Performing Arts Department. Over the next 10 years, these materials were refined into a leveled curriculum that was used in several studios.
In 1999, her company, The Step Shoppe Unlimited, was awarded a grant to create teacher training materials, curricula and workshops to prepare academic school teachers in New Jersey meet the newly adopted Core Content Standards in Dance. Materials were designed for grades K - 12 and several school districts chose to expand their programs with customized curricula.
In 2000, abc for dance was formed to focus on the creation of studio and academic curricula and teaching materials. Materials created by abc for dance are now being used in more than 1000 schools and studios worldwide. New products are introduced throughout the year and current products are updated as new information and advances in education, movement science and dance medicine are discovered as well as reflecting changes in popular culture which may impact the reception of the material by the students. Leaders in the fields of dance, body mechanics, childhood development and education have also reviewed all of the material in each syllabus for appropriateness of content. The goal is to allow each syllabus to maintain a dynamic quality, evolving to meet the current needs of the dance education field, while retaining the time proven qualities that are proven effective.
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Anneliese Burns Wilson, director of abc for dance, has been working professionally in the dance field for over 30 years. Her concentration for the past 25 years has been on education. Anneliese's performance credits range from regional ballet companies to international ballroom competitions with films, television, stage and music videos in between. Pulling from these diverse experiences allows her to create classroom projects that educate, challenge and inspire students of all ages. She is honored to contribute to Dance Teacher Magazine, Dance Magazine and present at the annual Dance Teacher Summits to share her expertise with other movement educators.
In addition to her dance knowledge, Ms. Wilson has extensive training in anatomy, injury prevention and rehabilitation, kinesiology, bio mechanics and pilates. She has earned her teaching certificates through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, (London, England) and Pan American Teachers of Dance (USA). She is a longtime member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and was an active member of both the National Dance Council of America and USISTD for over 25 years. She is a fully certified STOTT PILATES (R) instructor and was an Instructor Trainer for them from 2003-2017 (holding the designation of Lead Instructor Trainer from 2009-2017). Merrithew Health and Fitness, the parent company of STOTT PILATES (R) recognized Ms. Wilson with the Excellence in Performance Award in June of 2012. Anneliese also has successfully completed the following certifications and/or trainings: Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Jumpstart trained; Pink Ribbon Program for Pilates for Breast Cancer Certification, Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis and other Neurological Conditions certification; Hypopressive (Low Pressure Fitness) Level 1 Instructor; Pre/Post Natal certification from the Center for Women's Fitness; Certified in the Center Method for Diastasis Recti Recovery; Certified in Exercise for Menopause by The Center for Women's Fitness and Fascial Fitness Trained Instructor and Instructor Trainer.
From 2007 - 2009, Ms Wilson took her love of dance and knowledge of pilates and exercise science and combined them to design innovative programming for a group of senior living facilities. Her goal was to use the benefits of different types of training to improve the quality of life and extend the amount of time her clients were able to maintain their levels of active daily living to avoid the decline into assisted living. The programs were so successful that outside organizations have asked her to adapt and make them for other groups.
In 2009, Anneliese was accepted and trained as a Teaching Artist for the Dancing Classrooms North Texas program. Through her work with this program she taught 5th graders throughout North Texas ballroom dance in lieu of traditional physical education classes for 10 weeks a semester. Her involvement with this program provided her with the opportunity to work with Dr. Larry Nelson, professor of Kinesiology at UTA, to be the 2nd author on his study of the role of DCNT on students self efficacy. This study was published in the Spring 2011 TAPHERD journal.
In addition to being the Vice Chairman of The National Dance Foundation, she created of grade specific lesson plans for the organization. These lesson plans are designed to allow academic teachers incorporate the fun and excitement of dance in their classrooms. This project was done pro bono so that teachers could have access to the information at no cost. With the challenge of budget cuts and the resultant loss of arts funding in the schools, Anneliese feels that it is important for abc for dance to continue to provide ways for students to be introduced and experience dance.

Anneliese's newest project is assuming the position of Co-Director for The Conservatory of Performing Arts, a NJ non profit corporation when it opens its studio space this September.
Students trained in her curriculum have performed in Broadway Shows, Ballet Companies, World and National Musical Tours, Award Shows, Television, Film and Dance Companies around the world. Many others have gone on to become Dance Teachers, Studio Owners and Physical Therapists.
Articles involving Ms. Wilson's expertise have appeared in Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher Magazine and Dance Today (UK). She has also written chapters on ballet history and the history of modern dance for textbooks.
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